Remarkable journeys start at Daytot

We are a company with heart, using innovation and research to create and introduce developmental products into a baby's daily routine from day one. Working with the best minds in the world, we collaborate through research & design, to unlock new insights and create groundbreaking products, to support babies in achieving milestones with comfort and purpose.

Our Team

Daytot is owned by James & Jayne Leckey, former owners of global paediatric brands Leckey & Firefly. With almost 40 years’ experience in the medical device and paediatric rehab sector, they have launched Daytot to continue their passion of creating life-enhancing products for children and their families. 

Creating a supportive community for
Parents & Professionals

In the same way that you're there for them, we're here for you. We are devoted to the lives of the babies and parents we help, going beyond the functionality of our products.

Join Our Community

Come and join our supportive community where knowledge, advice and optimism are shared generously.

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Journey of a Lifetime

We help early arrivals reach their desired destination. Our customer service and technical support will look after families as they progress along their developmental journey.

Our Values

Passion, Collaboration, Innovation & Devotion

Life-enhancing designs

Our products undergo extensive clinical and usability trials with therapists and families to ensure that every detail has been considered in making them safe, practical and user friendly.

Backed by Research

We work with the best minds in the world to design better solutions. And we listen to healthcare professionals and parents, adapting and refining our products based on real-world insights.

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Product Testing & Safety

Our products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they are safe and conform to international standards for medical devices.