Joey promotes tummy time and movement - important floor-centred activities for building muscle strength, balance, coordination, and head control.


Joey Product Features

5-point Harness

The supportive 5-point harness wraps around the baby providing comfort and stability. The Velcro receptive material makes it suitable for growing babies and preemies alike.  

360 Independent Movement

Joey enables independent movement in any direction. The free moving wheels on the base of Joey, allows the baby to move in any direction and encourages exploration & choice of play. 

Grow with Me

Joey has been designed with growing babies in mind. The patented design of Size 1, ensures that the baby’s pelvis is low to the ground, facilitating a flexed newborn position.

The unique design of Size 2 raises the infants hips, facilitating reciprocal movement and allowing for full flexion and extension of the leg, hips and arms (four-footed movement).

A unique feature of the Size 2 enables the parent or therapist to quickly change the height of the product – ensuring Joey grows with the baby.

Comfort & Simplicity Focused

Joey uses durable, machine-washable, and breathable fabrics ensuring that it is functional, easy to clean and comfortable for the baby.

Choose fabric or wipe-clean Vinyl covers (suitable for multiple users in a clinical or hospital settings).  Soft, breathable bibs protect and keep Joey cleaner for longer.



Trialled and tested by neonatal and physical therapists across the world. 


Clinically proven & backed by years of scientific research. 


Designed with lots of care, passion & devotion.

From day one

Our clinical research shows that intervening early has a significant impact on a baby’s ability to learn new skills and overcome motor challenges in their early years.

Early (early) Intervention

Early intervention is essential for ensuring that infants at risk of developmental delay, due to disability or medical condition, reach their developmental potential.

For use during a baby's first year, Joey provides an opportunity to enhance motor development and can be integrated into your child’s daily therapy programme.  

Encouraging Movement

Joey supports the development of coordination & spatial awareness as well as enhancing balance, and aids social & emotional development by encouraging initiation and choice of play.

Designed to facilitate hands-on training of reciprocal crawling movement (using arms and legs together), Joey provides therapists with a practical tool for therapy, as well as parents who wish to support with their child’s early development at home.

Trialled & Tested

Design and co-created with therapists and researchers, the Daytot Joey is an approved medical device. 

We have worked alongside highly specialised neonatal and paediatric therapists, to provide evidence-based case stories. Our case stories provide further insight into the therapeutic outcomes that Joey can provide babies with developmental delay.


What Size Should I Buy?

Joey is suitable for infants from 37+ weeks (Correct Age), smaller infants may extend use beyond 6+ months, depending on weight and leg length. Please refer to our size guide below for key weight and sizing measurements.

Watch Our 'How To' Videos

Size 1

For 0 - 2 months

Size 2

For 2 - 6+ months

Joey Clinical Research

Joey is backed by years of clinical research, conducted by the University Paris Citè. This research shows encouraging findings based on daily training with Joey, for babies at risk of motor delay.

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Daytot Activity Mat

We team up with leading researchers in the field of infant neuroscience and kinesiology to create a black & white sensory activity mat which promotes infant visual & cognitive development, while providing the best possible training surface for use with Joey.


Joey Useful Downloads

Download a copy of the Joey user manual or product flyer.

Manual Flyer

Joey is an early intervention crawling aid, designed to support babies with delayed development build the all-important foundations for their future physical and cognitive development.

Joey Size 1

Joey Size 2

Joey Bundle

Daytot Activity Mat

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