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Daytot is an innovative early intervention brand, developing life-enhancing products aimed at improving the developmental outcomes for babies with delayed development.  

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We support babies at risk from early-years developmental delay by introducing life-enhancing products into their daily routine from day one.


Working with the best minds in the world to deliver science-based research and find better solutions for babies at risk of developmental delay.

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Tot Talk

In the same way that you’re there for them, we’re here for you. We are devoted to the lives of the babies and parents we help, going beyond the functionality of our products.

Come and join our supportive blog community where knowledge, advice and optimism are shared generously.

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Case Stories

Our case stories provide further insight into the potential therapeutic outcomes Daytot products can provide babies with developmental delay and additonal physical needs.

We have worked alongside highly specialised neonatal and paediatric therapists, to provide evidence-based case stories with babies with a wide range of conditions.

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We are a company with heart, using innovation and research to create and introduce developmental products into a baby's daily routine from day one.

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We help early arrivals reach their desired destination.

Our customer service & technical support will look after families as they progress along their developmental journey.

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