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Infant Positioning Support

Neo+ is a multipurpose positioning support for infants who have delay in their development and require supportive positioning to strengthen their core, improve their patterns of movement or assist access to their environment.

Key Features

  • Suitable for use from birth (term) to 18 months
  • Promotes central core strength, symmetry, and consistency.
  • Facilitates a choice of key therapeutic positions (prone, supine, side lying).
  • One size, with unique moulding ability to maintain its form until reshaped by the caregiver.

Neo+ bundle (one size – incl. 2x cover sets, base cushion, pump and tote bag)

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Supportive Positioning 

Neo+ is a multipurpose positioning support for infants who have delay in their development and require supportive positioning to strengthen their core, improve their patterns of movement or assist access to their environment.

Early Intervention

Co-created with healthcare professionals, this mouldable support can be individually tailored for supervised lounging, playtime, and integrated into your child’s therapy programme.  

What's included?



Mouldable Base Pillow

A vacumn bag filled with beads. 


Cover Pack

2x soft, breathable and machine washable (40°c). 


Daytot Tote Bag

For portability & easy storage. 


Hand Pump

Used to remove air from the bean filled base cushion.

Therapeutic Positioning 

Early intervention is essential for ensuring that infants at risk of developmental delay reach their developmental potential. Infants with postural needs should be addressed as early as possible to ensure the best possible quality of life.

Back lying (supine)

In this position your baby will strengthen their core by working their limbs against gravity.  In using Neo+ to support your baby behind their shoulders, around the trunk and with their pelvis tilted posteriorly, you are giving them a resting position of supported flexion from which to move.

Tummy lying (prone)

This is important to help your baby develop strength in their neck, shoulders, arms, and trunk and will help build the skills required for rolling, crawling, and sitting. Neo+ provides a tilted surface to assist head lift and arm support.

Moulding around the trunk supports the pelvis and allows you to take a more hands off approach freeing you up to interact with your baby from the front.

Side lying

A position for your baby to learn balance with their trunk whilst keeping their chin in a tucked position. Neo+ can be moulded back and front if required to stabilise your baby. This is a nice, supported position to introduce toys for your baby to explore.


Early positioning offers infants
the opportunity to benefit from
improvements in comfort, body
shape, range of movement and
reduced tone.

Individual motor skill objectives
can be set for each infant to
assess their progress over time.

The shape, vacuum function and
detailing of the product are designed
to promote the fundamental
positioning principles of flexion,
midline symmetry and consistency.

When vacuumed, this positive resting
position allows the infant to
undertake normalized patterns of
movement and increase core
strength (rest, play or therapy)

For infants with tonal issues as a
result of a neurological
condition, the fixed support
position encourages positive
movement for an extended
period of time through activity.

The versatility of the moulded
mattress facilitates a range of different
infant conditions.

Simple and easy to use, allowing for
continuity of care between therapists,
nurses, and parents.


The Daytot Neo+ is suitable for
infants displaying the following




Due to muscle weakness or altered tone. 


Extensor Patterning

Due to posturing, muscle imbalance +/or altered tone 


Poor Central Control

Due to surgery or long periods of time spent in supine (on their back). 


Skeletal Deformities

E.g. Scoliosis, Torticollis or head turning preferences. 

daytot neo+


360 Independent Movement

Joey enables independent movement in any direction. The free moving wheels on the base of Joey, allows the baby to move in any direction and encourages exploration & choice of play. 

Grow with Me

Joey has been designed with growing babies in mind. The patented designed of Size 1, ensures that the baby’s pelvis is low to the ground, facilitating a flexed newborn position.

The unique design of Size 2 raises the infants hips, facilitating reciprocal movement and allowing for full flexion and extension of the leg, hips and arms (four-footed movement).

A unique feature of the Size 2 enables the parent or therapist to quickly change the height of the product – ensuring Joey grows with the baby.

Comfort & Simplicity Focused

Joey uses durable, machine-washable, and breathable fabrics ensuring that it is functional, easy to clean and comfortable for the baby.

Choose fabric or wipe-clean Vinyl covers (suitable for multiple users in a clinical or hospital settings).  Soft, breathable bibs protect and keep Joey cleaner for longer.

User Manual


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Therapy Guide


Case Stories

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Neo+ is suitable for infants from 0-18 months, smaller infants may extend use beyond 18 months depending on weight and length. Please refer to our size guide below for key weight and sizing measurements.

Free delivery worldwide
14 day returns
12 month warranty