Daytot Joey Press Release

Date: 3rd October 2022

Location: Belfast

Groundbreaking Early Intervention Device Helps Newborns Crawl

An early intervention crawler described as “revolutionary” for babies born at risk of developmental disability or delay, is now available to parents and therapists.

The new crawling device is now available to purchase after its creators, Daytot, launched a new baby brand, specialising in the design of life-enhancing products for babies at risk of early-years developmental delay.

Daytot is owned by James & Jayne Leckey, former owners of global paediatric brands Leckey & Firefly, who specialise in the design of postural equipment for infants and children with disabilities.

The original design was concepted by Dr Marianne Barbu-Roth and her colleagues at the Integrative Neuroscience and Cognition Centre, University Paris Citè. Following the positive outcomes of a test with newborns to assess their locomotor skills, the Team designed a prototype dubbed ‘CrawliSkate’ to further their research into the locomotor development of extremely premature infants.

Following an extensive collaboration and clinical trials, Daytot have developed a novel, research-based crawling product, which facilitates the training of reciprocal movement for infants at risk of motor delay. Infants can be supported to move from 37 weeks corrected age, a pioneering milestone in early intervention care.

Among its features, the Joey offers a secure 5-point harness offering comfort and support for even the smallest of infants. Another key feature is the adjustable tail height, precisely designed to offer the optimum crawling position for growing infants. Furthermore, Daytot has worked with leading researchers in the field of infant neuroscience and kinesiology, to create a bespoke black & white mat pattern which promotes infant visual development. The Activity Mat provides the optimum training surface for use with the Daytot Joey.

Daytot Managing Director, Jayne Leckey, said: “There is growing evidence that early interventions positively influence infant development. After many years in the pediatric rehab industry, James knew that this product was potentially groundbreaking.
“We have been overwhelmed by the reaction of the global therapist community. It’s a completely new market for early intervention care, as we are now able to provide a research-based product for newborn babies. We’re excited to bring Joey to the families and children that will benefit from early movement.”

The Daytot Joey is available to purchase online in the UK, ROI, USA, and Canada from

Note to Editors: Daytot develops novel solutions aimed at improving the developmental outcomes for babies at risk of early-years developmental delay.

For more information please contact: or +44 (0) 28 90 139 337 / +44 (0) 7562 663 039